Mal ganz kurz mein erster Eindruck mit @PixelDroid zusammengeschrieben.

Hier zum Beitrag:

TL;DR: Es gibt noch ein paar Sachen die mich stören (was für eine Alpha aber okay ist) und ich werde die Entwicklung weiter beobachten, aber die App noch nicht aktiv im Alltag einsetzen.


@Fotoente Some clarifications on the article (responding in English since my written German isn't great):

The GitLab instance isn't "ours" per se, we just happen to be the only project on there.

You don't need to compile it to use it, there's an APK attached to the latest release on GitLab:

About the camera quality: this is one of the major challenges, and it will probably never be completely solved. The camera app on your phone has a lot of device-specific changes that cannot be replicated by us... This is also true for apps like Instagram and of course Snapchat: the in-app camera is garbage and mainly useful for quick shots or selfies without needing to leave the app.


You say that "likes and comments work fine", but this is not true. In fact, we have multiple bugs open for this.
Likes and shares are supposed to have visual feedback (heart going red), but this is more often than not broken due to a problem with the Pixelfed API (which dansup is aware of and has told us he will fix it, although he is somewhat behind schedule)

Comments have some weird behaviour:
And you can't show the comments on a post, another API problem.

@Fotoente In any case, thank you for writing the article, and for your interest in PixelDroid :)

@PixelDroid Thank you for your extended Reply.
I will update the article and linking to the several toots

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