Made another release. Some bug fixes:
the upload process now doesn't let you upload the same post 16 times by clicking the button a bunch of times 😉

buttons are visible in dark mode as well as light mode

camera works in the rtl layout!

Bio in the profile now has HTML interpreted instead of shown raw.

Some other notes: more strings are now translatable, and you can double-tap to like a post! (of course the API to like a post is still a bit broken, but that's not something we can fix)

@PixelDroid Uh, please do not forget to increase versionCode with each release, or the APKs end up in quarantine as duplicates 😱 Your second release still has versionCode 1 it seems. As with the Highlander, there can only be one. And if it doesn't change, Android doesn't count it as update, and thus doesn't notify the user… Can you rebuild and replace the APK before the next run?


@IzzyOnDroid fuck silly me, thanks a lot for checking. Will fix that straight away.

@PixelDroid Good you tooted it and thus tempted me to update it manually ahead of time. That way I cought it before the other version was lost 😃 No such luck next time, as the updates to my updater (ugh) are now past the point of having processed PixelFed. From now on, all APKs follow the naming convention <packageName>_<versionCode>.apk (like on F-Droid), so the "old file" would be overwritten (avoiding "dupes"). Heh, but I implemented quarantine for the "lost one", ha! 🎉 So still some luck left 🤣

@PixelDroid confirmed! New one identifies as versionCode 2. My scanner just processes it. I'll burn another few batches, then perform another sync – so your update might be there within another hour or less.

@IzzyOnDroid that was quick. Pretty cool to have it update with the F-Droid app! Thanks :)

@PixelDroid sync is running now. Give it a few minutes, several 100s of Megabytes to process (renamed ~100 APKs in this run). Uh, done! Should be there now! Waiting for Brainstorm to announce it any minute (on IRC)…

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