πŸŽ‰ The fediverse is 12 years old, so we decided to celebrate (slightly late) by doing an alpha release.

You can check it out at, make sure to read what is broken and why, so that we keep the bug reports to things we don't know about and that are under our control.

@IzzyOnDroid has said he will host it on his F-Droid repo, and we will also start the process with the main @fdroidorg repo.

Tell us what you think!

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Since a lot of text was changed in a recently merged PR, new translations are available on the weblate instance:

Expect translations to be incomplete in the release's APK because of this.

@PixelDroid I've installed it πŸ‘Œ ...unfortunately I've 2FA enabled on my #pixelfed accout so I can not use your app :(

and it's currently imposible to disable it :( and no answer from @dansup and @pixelfed

May be you can put some warning/anouncement to warn people about this. I couldn't use @fedilab neither


@xosem I think this is a known issue on pixelfed's side, it should be fixed on their end without any needed changes on the app.

@PixelDroid yes yes, I'm not blaming you, just making it public to let unaware people know πŸ˜‰

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