Oh boy, people are contributing Arabic to the translations. I guess we'll see how well RTL works in the app 😅

I never would have dreamt of such an amazing response though, thank you so much 😍

(I am a bit sad no-one replied "General Kenobi" to the first toot though)

@PixelDroid Formerly Persian was added and it was fine as an RTL-noted lang. It's almost 99 percent same as Arabic.

@tobtobxx nope, we aren't quite ready to do a release yet, but you can compile it to try it out now if you want. Otherwise, just wait a little bit more and we'll do an alpha release 😉

@tobtobxx it will be on F-Droid of course, we'll make sure to start that process when we do the release. :fdroid:

@ahangarha and you may, I think you should be able to start a new translation if you have an account on the weblate server.

@ahangarha thank you for the interest and your enthusiasm to help 😊

@danialbehzadi yes, I saw that while testing in arabic, can you create an issue on github? If not, I'll make one

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