Our CI can't run on the GitLab shared runners (Android VM needs hardware acceleration enabled), and my poor little home server can only do one build at once (and often we have 10 builds in the queue since we end up working at the same time).

Would someone be able to run a GitLab runner on their server or PC? This would help us reduce wait times when working on PRs.

@PixelDroid i might be able to set up a runner on my server, but i'm not familiar with gitlab runners at all. what do i need to do?

@haskal Well, basically I give you a token and you run `gitlab-runner register` with it.

@haskal You need to make sure you have accelerated virtualisation enabled, and that you have Docker installed.

@PixelDroid Any idea how much ram the build takes? I might have an old server I can chuck an extra VM on

@idanoo it builds fine with 8GB on a PC, if not too much else is open. Maybe the CI takes less, I could check htop next time there's a build

@idanoo you should know though that the CI needs a privileged docker container in an environment that can use KVM acceleration. So that would be bare metal or possibly KVM with nested acceleration enabled (although we didn't get that to work with another kind soul that proposed help)

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