Hello there!

I took some time to make a quick video of our upcoming Pixelfed Android client, we will make an alpha release soon ™️


You can of course already go take a look at the source code and compile it for yourself, for now hosted on GitHub but that will change soon: github.com/H-PixelDroid/PixelD

Still a lot of work to be done, but it's slowly getting there :)

@PixelDroid looks nice!
I think we could use this photo editor in Tusky!


@charlag Oh, it's just a couple of libraries stringed together, but I think it would be a good idea to spin it off into a new library (especially since a big part of it is not maintained). Thanks for the kind words, means a lot coming from one of the people behind Tusky. We took a lot of clues from Tusky btw, since Pixelfed has the same API ;)

Also we use @ConnyDuck 's fancy button library.

@PixelDroid @ConnyDuck probably what we need more is a good media viewer, our current one is a disaster. Do you have zoomable/pannable gallery code?
I mean, we could take some code from Camera Roll on F-Droid...

@charlag @ConnyDuck nope, we don't even have full-screen image viewing yet, I wouldn't mind joining forces on that, it seems something we could have in common quite easily.

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