Hello there!

I took some time to make a quick video of our upcoming Pixelfed Android client, we will make an alpha release soon ™️


You can of course already go take a look at the source code and compile it for yourself, for now hosted on GitHub but that will change soon: github.com/H-PixelDroid/PixelD

Still a lot of work to be done, but it's slowly getting there :)

@PixelDroid Hi there! That's good news! I would like to translate the app to catalan, is that possible?

@retiolus yes, but for now most of the strings are hardcoded. This will change soon (incoming PR) but for now only a few strings are translatable.

Check out weblate.pixeldroid.org, we'll be glad and thankful for your contributions :)

@PixelDroid I'm gonna check that, and how can I compile the app?


@retiolus install Android Studio, hook up your phone to the PC, open the project, click the play button to launch on your device (might need to install adb or android-tools first)

@retiolus be aware, the video shows a branch that is almost ready to merge (just need some more testing to have enough coverage)

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