Hello there!

I took some time to make a quick video of our upcoming Pixelfed Android client, we will make an alpha release soon ™️

You can of course already go take a look at the source code and compile it for yourself, for now hosted on GitHub but that will change soon:

Still a lot of work to be done, but it's slowly getting there :)

Thanks all for the very impressive welcome, and thanks to the people who already translated the app into 3 other languages 😱. I love the fediverse!

We will do an alpha release soon. Not giving any dates, because that will just bite me when we don't meet the deadline, but soon ™️

If you want to help with translation, that can already be done on, although a lot of strings are not translatable yet (PR fixing that in the works)

@jiminycricket Thank you for the kind words :)

I kinda might have carefully selected what features I used for the video though 😆

There are some issues with the API dansup is still working through for the likes for example.

@PixelDroid hey!!! Great news!! I have sent spanish translations via weblate.
There's a way to install the app (maybe f-droid)?

@victorhck oh wow thank you, there isn't much to translate yet since most strings are hard coded, but this will change soon (there is a PR for it, which is almost ready 😄)

I'm happy weblate works, since I self-hosted it. Thank you for your contribution ❤️

@PixelDroid well, I sent "suggestions" bc I'm not registered in your weblate instance... (maybe I should)

@victorhck Oh right, I didn't know that was a thing. Feel free to make an account, I think that should work 😅

@PixelDroid yep, seems to work smoothly. So accepted the sugestions that I made, and fix some warnings!!
Still there's no an app to install and test, right?

Anyway, thaks for your work!! and waiting to test in my device! ;)

@victorhck You can compile it yourself if you want, but we're not doing a release quite yet. Soon though ( ™️ )

Thank you for your contribution, a lot more strings coming soon I think :)

@PixelDroid Maybe would be great to have some instrunctions to do it in the README (wink)
but thanks!

@PixelDroid Hi there! That's good news! I would like to translate the app to catalan, is that possible?

@retiolus yes, but for now most of the strings are hardcoded. This will change soon (incoming PR) but for now only a few strings are translatable.

Check out, we'll be glad and thankful for your contributions :)

@PixelDroid I'm gonna check that, and how can I compile the app?

@retiolus install Android Studio, hook up your phone to the PC, open the project, click the play button to launch on your device (might need to install adb or android-tools first)

@retiolus be aware, the video shows a branch that is almost ready to merge (just need some more testing to have enough coverage)

@retiolus love it, keep posted for more strings coming up 😄


I am so happy to see this development started, honestly!!

@d599f84e well, we're happy too haha. I hope we won't disappoint the apparently high expectations placed upon us 😉

@PixelDroid looks nice!
I think we could use this photo editor in Tusky!

@charlag Oh, it's just a couple of libraries stringed together, but I think it would be a good idea to spin it off into a new library (especially since a big part of it is not maintained). Thanks for the kind words, means a lot coming from one of the people behind Tusky. We took a lot of clues from Tusky btw, since Pixelfed has the same API ;)

Also we use @ConnyDuck 's fancy button library.

@PixelDroid @ConnyDuck probably what we need more is a good media viewer, our current one is a disaster. Do you have zoomable/pannable gallery code?
I mean, we could take some code from Camera Roll on F-Droid...

@charlag @ConnyDuck nope, we don't even have full-screen image viewing yet, I wouldn't mind joining forces on that, it seems something we could have in common quite easily.

@PixelDroid this is so cool! I added Swedish as a new translation but after a couple of strings completed I get this: "This translation is currently locked for updates." Is there something you could do?

@iah solved now, I was making sure the local weblate repo wasn't diverging in a bad way from upstream :)

@iah I had to lock it a bit more, sorry for the inconvenience. And thank you for the translation

@iah Well, weblate needs to keep a consistent state with the github repo basically. I did something wrong a while ago, so I had to manually fix it, and for that I can't have changes happen in the middle of the fixing process :)

@PixelDroid ha, I think I understand :) now that all the strings are translated I would like some context. To get it all right.

@iah Yeah we should add comments to the strings, I'll make sure that's done.

Hey there, your app is doing a great job! At libreadvice we built the app and now testing it. We will also make a review of it as soon as it is ready. We were waiting for a pixelfed app for soooooo loooong! 👏👏

@libreadvice Oh, please check out the multiAccounts branch which is the one shown off in the video. Also, don't expect too much of it yet, a lot of things need to be fixed, and there are some API issues that need to be fixed in Pixelfed (to get the like/share buttons to work for example)

Will check that one out! Also we will provide some user experience for testing ;)

@libreadvice that's very nice, but I think your efforts would be better spent if you wait a couple of weeks, we still have a lot of bugs we already know of that will be fixed by then.

@MrManor That's because I carefully chose what I did in the video 😉

But thank you for the kind words :)

@PixelDroid Awesome this is gonna make it easier to get more people involved 👍

@jeroenpraat That's because that video is slightly hand-crafted 😉

@jeroenpraat I mean, to be fair the whole video is really from the app, I just didn't do some things that are broken, etc. Thank you for the kind words in any case :)

@PixelDroid general Kenobi! (Sorry, had too, you literally asked for it)

@PixelDroid I see value in this app. Will make, if possible, Portuguese translation when I have some time. 😉 Congratulations!

@PixelDroid After some search I noticed PixelDroid is not on FDroid. So, only after PixelDroid is on FDroid, I will take time to do Portuguese translation. Fingers crossed :blobbongocat:

@manulfk Thanks for the kind words!
Not sure if you've seen, but in the meantime we have an alpha build out, see

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