Do you think Corona lockdown induced boredom should be called...

I am doing a forensics project for class with Autopsy and I feel like a super spy... Recovering files from 'slack' space is really eye opening!

Looks promising 🙂
Kapitonov Plugins:
- tubeAmp. Contains preamp, tonestack, power amp with voltage sag, cabinet emulators
- Bluedream. Booster/Tube Screamer pedal with equalizer
- Distruction. Distortion pedal with equalizer
- Fuzz. Vintage fuzz pedal
- Deadgate. Effective Noise Gate/Dead Zone effect plugin
- Octaver. Analog octaver pedal
- Single2Humbucker. Plugin for emulation humbucker pickup sound with single coil pickup

#linux #guitar #guitarfx #lv2 #ladspa #vst3

Until this morning, I was unaware that literally every system on the planet that does anything even halfway important is monitored by SolarWinds.

I just ordered a 4TB hard drive to start my self hosting experiment to replace Spotify!

Does anyone have any experience with JellyFin? Particular with the Gelli client available on F-Droid?

WOW!! SANS Virtual Summits Will Be FREE for the Community in 2021

Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit
Open-Source Intelligence
ICS Security Suimit
Purple Team Summit
CloudSec Next Summit
DFIR Summit
Security Awareness Summit
Cybersecurity Leadership Summit
Cyber Defense Summit |
Threat Hunting Summit
Cloud & DevOps Security 2021
Pen Test HackFest Summit

An HTTP Haiku:

Status code 200
My NIC received the packets
Some pictures of cats

Do you think lockdown measures put in place on private businesses and private homes are constitutional?

I joined Hack the Box last week and have been trying to crack a machine every chance I get.

But the more I learn, the more I realize I have left to learn...

It's equal parts inspiring and depressing... But I'm genuinely excited for the future.

We are on track on basically creating an alternative federated platform for every single proprietary platform - Lemmy

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