Excuse my language, but do you see this bullshit? Aaron Swartz was a hero and now they're pretending like he doesn't exist. Reddit, I thought you were dead to me before, but now I can truly see how disgusting you are.

@Phate6660 from the wiki page it seems correct. But I honestly have no clue about reddit and its history.

@Phate6660 this is sickening. The man gave everything of himself for Reddit and then more for everyone else and this is how they treat him? Crazy.

@Phate6660 Without knowing every single detail, but according to it seems legit.
Aaron Swartz joined after Reddit was founded and he was an equal owner but not one of the founders.

@joschi @Phate6660

There's Reddit the company and Reddit the network.

Aaron created the Reddit as we know it, the company is irrelevant

@Phate6660 all they can do is wrap themselves in the lines of winners writing history. Analytically speaking they look more and more ready to tear themselves apart at the seams.

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