Bandcamp, I love you.
Nowhere else have I seen it so easy to buy music at very high quality and DRM free.
I just purchased and downloaded the entire discography of MASTER BOOT RECORD, and wow. The quality is astounding.

24-bit FLAC, everything is properly tagged in the metadata (except for genre which was unset but tbh that's a nitpick given the quality of everything else), they even embedded the cover art into the files.

@Phate6660 Ooo I haven't heard of this before. Might move away from Spotify for this.

@Zambyte You might want to check to make sure your favorite artists are available on there first. Though it is very nice, especially because the artists actually get most of the money you pay. Which is awesome, because artists really deserve money and crazy how much money some other platforms take out of their pay.

Though a very good alternative to Spotify I found is Deezer, which supports streaming in high quality FLAC, and they're most likely gonna have all the music you want.

@Phate6660 Deezer looks pretty neat, but I'm looking to wean off of streaming services like that. I want just want some DRM free files to listen to however I want. Hopefully I can find music I like on Bandcamp :D

@Zambyte Oh definitely, I'd say Bandcamp is the way to go then (provided they have music you like of course).

And I forgot to mention, they offer downloads in a variety of formats. When I downloaded the different albums for MBR, I was offered: MP3, FLAC, AAC, OGG, ALAC, WAV, and AIFF to choose from.

@Phate6660 I always check if my favourite musicians have a Bandcamp. One of the better ways to get music.
@Phate6660 MBR is so fucking good. I should download his discography.thanks for reminding me.

>likes MBR
Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.

MBR is amazing, so much so that I can't help but laugh while listening to his music.

Also, Serial Experiments Lain is probably the best anime I've ever watched. At the very least, top 3.

or you could, you know, not embed a photo into every music file, and instead, provide the industry standard cover.png or folder.png or <album name>.png instead? Why do you need 10+ copies of the album cover, anyway?


They do provide a cover.png, I just thought it was a nice touch that they also embed the cover art into the files. Also a lot of music programs actually rely on there being embedded cover art.

To be honest, I think this is kind of an odd complaint. It doesn't add much more to the file size (up to 100kb from what I've seen) and it ensures that cover art is properly displayed in media players.

@Phate6660 one time i set one of my tagging programs to automatically stick the highest quality cover it could into every file and believe me, the difference is huge if you're using a codec like opus that can be transparent as low as 96kbps. You could accidentally double or triple the track storage size with an image.
@Phate6660 frankly, cover.png, front.png, back.png, folder.png, or <album name>.png are already standard for music programs.
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