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Excuse my language, but do you see this bullshit? Aaron Swartz was a hero and now they're pretending like he doesn't exist. Reddit, I thought you were dead to me before, but now I can truly see how disgusting you are.

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Hello, I'm Phate6660. I also go by valley, phate, and Valley6660.

I'm a Linux enthusiast who programs for fun, and I'm also a privacy activist (to a fault really).

I also watch quite a lot of anime.

You can find me here (obviously), Github/Codeberg/sourcehut, Discord,, and the ZDoom forums.

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TFW you have to rely on torrented source code to ensure that your legitimate programs are still available.

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Note on the #youtubedl DMCA takedown this night.

In a very unusual turn RIAA justifies the takedown request with EU/German law and claim US analogy to EU rules. (the attachment with a copy of the Hamburg court rule they refer to somehow not linked, one can only guess that this links to §95a UrhG).

Yay, I'm sick. Of course on the ONE DAY I really wanted to go to work. The universe hates me. -_-

RIP youtube-dl's official repo and various forks on Github.

Luckily they've already been archived and mirrored a lot.

The sources are still available in various places on the internet.

There's at least a chance of maintaining forks, as long as RIAA doesn't start suing everybody who attempts to work on them.

List of things currently on my shit list:

- Adobe
- Amazon
- Apple (probably the most evil thing on this list)
- Canonical
- Capitalism
- Clang (words can not describe my hatred for this)
- Copyright/IP laws
- Facebook
- Go
- Google (this is a rant for another toot or 3 or 6)
- Humanity as a whole
- Lennart Poettering
- Microsoft
- Money
- Most FSF-approved distros (they're hypocritical)
- Most governments
- Pango
- RedHat
- Software licensing as a whole
- SystemD
- WinAPI
- WinRAR


God damn it, a typo. But I'm too lazy to delete and redraft (when can we get an edit feature :/). Just pretend like it says look.

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Btw, if you guys (and girls), don't mind me asking.

How does my website looks? Do you guys think it could be improved?

Keep in mind, I want it to stay 100% JavaScript-free.

And just created a template repo on Github.

Does anyone know if template repos can also set default branch names? Currently the template repo only contains my, but I also want it to set the branch to master instead of main. I'm tired of manually changing it every time, but I'm prepared to do that if I have to.

I have decided on the contents of my license. And I mean what I say under the separator.

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IMPORTANT!!! If you use the Nano adblocker or defender uninstall it now. There was a change in ownership and the new owner seems to have infected it with malware. Chrome and Edge users are at risk luckily the maintainer of the Firefox ports cut all ties when the ownership change happened. So we Firefox users are fine for now but we will also have to switch back to UBlock sooner or later since nano is unmaintained now.

Is it bad, that I'm genuinely this pissed off software licenses.

I feel close to breaking down. To just, removing all my software from the internet.

Because I can't do it. I think about licensing, and I get so angry and sad.

I have now decided that my license will now only be one line long:

This software is dedicated to the public domain.

One line, plain and simple, no bullshit.

All licenses I've seen leave me filled with disgust, as crazy as it is I just hate them all.

Yes, I know this probably isn't usable in a court of law. Yes, I know that this could allow others to take advantage.

I don't care. If someone wants to steal my stuff I'm doing something right. I don't want money. I don't want fame. /shrug

Good news. I have a job again. And it looks much better than my previous one. Crisis averted.

It's a factory job, with easier work, more pay, and less hours. In fact, from my calculations, I'll be making around $100 more per week than I was with the previous one. And on top of that, shifts are 2.5 hours shorter! Though this one is Mon-Fri instead of Mon-Thu.

Github is STILL broken on PaleMoon. Is anybody else having this issue or is it just me? I'm starting to get pretty irritated now.

Github is STILL broken on PaleMoon.

What the hell. I didn't change anything in my browser at all, but just in case I'll try temporarily disabling my addons to see if one of them is breaking it.

If not, Github probably did something on their own which breaks it.

Github is still broken on Pale Moon.

Is anybody else have this problem?


Hey guys, I've got a question for you.

Currently, I'm drunk and I finally have no anxiety or paranoia for once.

Should I set a filtered and cropped pic of myself as my profile picture?

Will it be worth the panic that will set in tomorrow?

On one hand, I think it's a really great step for my anxiety, depression, and paranoia.

But on the other hand, there will probably be a lot of panicking when I wake up tomorrow.

As another note, you'll get to my amazing face. (narcissistic much? lol)

Mfw I have the hardware to host my own stuff, but for the life of me can't get port forwarding to work. Legit, not even joking, my router has no option of port forwarding at all. And I can't even figure out how to flash OpenWrt on it. :oof:

Shoutout to mpd-discord-rpc, my favorite program for sharing your currently playing music in MPD as a Discord Rich Presence! Currently I have my output format set to:

title [duration]
artist - album (date)

But it's very configurable. Seriously, hats off to Jake, he did great!


I forgot to tell you guys, but a few days ago:

I fell for the meme, and bought a mechanical keyboard. The stupid clicking is really annoying, even with the "softer/quieter switches", but I have to admit. It feels nice to type on. It's very sturdy, I feel like I could use it as a weapon. And honestly, everything about it screams quality. Which is good, because $60 for a keyboard has to be the stupidest thing I spent money on. I rarely ever spend more than $10.

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