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I've decided. I'm definitely making a distro.

I'm sick and tired of everything. Every decision I see distro devs make piss me off. I'm tired of maintaining packages that get masked or removed left and right. I'm tired of drastically changing my setup every time system libs get changed or removed. I'm tired of distro devs dictating abou-

I can't. I'm getting really worked up and angry. So let's leave this at: "Sometime soon, a new distro will be in the works."

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Never have I been more gleeful, reading the lawsuit against Google. I'm 7 pages in, and they're already capturing so many things wrong with Google. I love it, I really love it.

Official gov site outlining it:

The actual 64 page claim:

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Hello, I'm Phate6660. I also go by valley, phate, and Valley6660.

I'm a Linux enthusiast who programs for fun, and I'm also a privacy activist (to a fault really).

I also watch quite a lot of anime.

You can find me here (obviously), Github/Codeberg/sourcehut, Discord,, and the ZDoom forums.

Started another Taco Bell project in . First pic is how it started, second is how it's going currently.

I need something to do.
I have a day off, got me a drank, ready to chillax.
So... what should I do?

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Lots of cursing, Windows cringe 

Screenshot cause I'm lazy.

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Try this in vim

Use Shift+s in vim to enter insert mode at the proper indentation for the file you're editing (based on surrounding context)

Another update, this is the rendered animation that took hours and hours to render.

I think it turned out pretty epic:

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Made a thing in , was supposed to be a fire simulation, but got carried away and this is the result. Love how it turned out.

Before and after pictures included.

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I'm proud to annonce i'm now a recognized Pastafarian believer.
And i will ask to change my ID pic to add a pirate hat or a strainer on my head.

Update to the project:

Please note that Imgur has drastically reduced the quality.
Had to post it there because Mastodon doesn't support the video encoding settings.

Latest WIP project.
Currently working on rendering a 200 frame animation with the bell ringing (it has physics!), and the text colors and glow is also animated. Planned on adding the Taco Bell, bell, noise as well.

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How I feel right now lol.
Brush my hair for work, epic song comes on, I headbang, then I have to brush my hair all over again.

Ugh, don't you love it when people are blasting off an obscene amount of fireworks. 🙄

I know these people don't even care about the holiday, they just want an excuse to terrorize all the pets in the neighborhood with their booming fireworks.


Seriously. Imagine asking for a review on a model days ago and getting a single person who couldn't even bother to review, and then jokingly criticize about using GitHub pages.

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