Ok. The Arch Linux gods are against me. So I give up. ArcoD after update keeps on not starting the DM until I bring up the console and then disable and enable the service. And Manjaro gets stuck starting up and I tried to get an account on the Forum. But no Email for the verification (been waiting over 5 hours even with the resend). (Note: Both are under a VMWare VM not sure if that matters).

Probably should stick to what I know and use a Fedora-based Linux distro.

Might try Siduction.

What is a good laptop to run Linux on? Other than Dell XPS Developer Edition or a System 76. (Note: Nothing against those. I just want some options)

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@PaulFranz I agree with the article, too.
It's an honest, for me, analysis of mastodon and although the same points are true for twitter (as you wrote), I'd still prefer a decentralized tool.

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Question: how to do exit from emacs?

I keep getting stuck in emacs because I forget to set the EDITOR environment variable.

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Microsoft Office 365 banned from German schools over privacy concerns

In a bombshell decision, a German Data Protection Authority has ruled that the use of Microsoft’s cloud office product “Office 365” in schools is to be banned - the platform's standard settings expose school pupils' and teachers' personal information to potential US mass surveillance, and are incompatible with European and local data protection laws.



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