I took a pic of the moon with my phone's camera. Its gcam for lineage os.

if people knew about fractional reserve banking, we'd have protests the next day.

If you want to learn more about #opensource licenses, what they allow you to do and the various differences, I just made a nice recap covering the biggest ones, and licenses that don't apply to code specifically, check it out:



what would the world be like if machines could own and spend money like people do?

just undid 2 days worth of code by overwriting git stash. I'm fine. 👍

@Xalef "yes hello 911, sorry, I'm in a burning building but can't hear you because pulseaudio is broken on my phone. Price of freedom"

Sad: This is the hottest summer of my life.

Change of perspective: This is the coldest summer of the rest of my life.

AMA With The Team Behind Free Software Community of India (FSCI), who fight for the adoption of freedom and privacy respecting software in India is now live at reddit.com/r/india/comments/u1

FSCI announces Prav App Project fsci.in/blog/prav-app/

PravApp project is a plan to get a lot of people to invest small amounts to run an interoperable messaging service that is easier to join and discover contacts.

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