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Political -- Titles of Nobility 

There are to be no 'titles of nobility' in a or . It is not the title that is egregious, but the presumed privileges from the government that are held by a special interest group, and withheld from the majority of the body politic.

Political definitions 

The free and open source software, hardware, and other types of open projects are partly in response to the over-reaching protections of corporations (to the detriment of the everything else, including the environment and governments). The shield of Corporate protections having been used to bash other peoples' and .

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Political definitions 

A has only one purpose: to protect the and of it's natural born persons.

Natives (those born within the nations' geographical area), naturalized citizens, and immigrants are natural born persons. Corporations are not, but unfortunately, often given more rights and privileges as a 'person' under the law than natural born citizens--to their detriment. The citizenry being, whose persons entitled to protection by virtue of *living* there.

I boldly approached the shopkeeper of the local game store. "Staying at home is killing me. My apartment is not a healthy environment.🤢🤮 Do you have any scheduled activities? Or unofficial activities?

After he spoke to me for a while about that evening's MTG tournament, I asked "Do you have any activities on Saturday?"📆

He replied "Today is Saturday."

With a confused look on my face, and a few seconds of thought: "Shelter-at-home sucks!"

-19 ==> every day is

Before you flame me 🔥👨, you might want to ask if I follow the CDCs *recommendation* ( to wear a mask😷 in public.

Yes I do -- to reserve my RIGHT TO PRIVACY. Lots of Asians routinely wear masks in public, even when there is no imminent health reason to do so. What is their governments' actions regarding privacy rights and [e.g. social credit score]?

!== -19

We all have a plethora of viruses. Just because you have a virus does not mean you have it's disease. The virus had to be very successful at replicating itself to cause a disease. Which is not so easy with a healthy human immune system. Note: fear suppresses our immune system.

The creator of the PCR procedure (who won a Nobel Prize for his efforts) stated that it should not be used as a diagnostic test! No clinical diagnosis ==> lots of false positives.

test != virus !== -19

We all devlope a few new cancer cells every year. Our immune system keeps us from getting the cancer disease.

In classical health care, the diagnosis was based on a clinical test (stethoscope, blood pressure, & other symptoms), and optionally confirmed by a lab test. Modern health care with diagnosis based only on lab test, gives an extreme amount of false positives -- a healthy healthcare $y$tem, but not healthy for the individual!

!== @COVID-19

George Takei (of Star Trek fame) posted on Twitter:
The fragility of folks who won’t wear a mask is truly breathtaking. I lived for four years inside two internment camps, and I heard less bitching and whining there than I do today.

searX is a metasearch engine, with the aim of protecting the privacy of its users. To this end, searX does not share users' IP addresses or search history with the search engines from which it gathers results. Tracking cookies served by the search engines are blocked. By default, searX queries are submitted via HTTP POST, to prevent users' query keywords from appearing in web-server logs. searX was inspired by the Seeks project (but without its peer-to-peer user-sourced results ranking).

Successful Free and Open Source projects are by their very nature, a partnership.

"Any relationship that is not a partnership, is an abusive relationship." -- Patrick Chapman

Any relationship of any kind (police + citizen, public servant + private citizen, employer + employee, a date, a marriage, & etc.) that is not a partnership, is an abusive relationship of some kind. There are lots of forms of abuse : physical, social, emotional, sexual, financial, mental, educational, & etc.

In a , each party does what is best for: everyone involved, and the relationship.

What is the most common 19 test? What did the Nobel Prize Winner (for this procedure) creator say about using the PCR for diagnosis?

So, in this age of Covic-19, Walmart is bringing back the drive-in movie theater 📽️🍿🚗🎞️. Now that is creative thinking.

Politics: Forms of Government 

serves only one purpose: to protect the rights and privileges of its natural born citizens.

In a republic, every citizen has an equal opportunity to participate in governance. iow, in a every citizen has a right to an equal vote; and there are no political parties, special interest groups, or titles of nobility.

violates the inalienable rights of its citizens, under the guise of following democratic principles.

My previous project was a signal generator -- written in in a page. The signal generator is small, lightweight & portable, inexpensive and easy to manufacture😉

I'm using it in my current project: an Atmospheric Water Generator, using an Acoustic Refrigerator.

I will be using it in my next project, to re-engineer a promising fuel cell from an expired patent. It uses acoustic cavitation as part of a small, extremely low powered (mW) particle accelerator to liberate H from H2O

I discovered NASA Technical Briefs ~35 years ago. Yes, it is rocket science. But sometimes, the high-tech solutions have low-tech answers. Like a solar tracker for photovoltaic panels. Or the Star tracker for the accurate positioning of the Space Shuttle without GPS or radio communications.

NASA Tech Briefs have a solution for my current hardware project (Thermoacoustic Refrigeration).

And the refrigeration unit can be inexpensively & easily mfg in a 3rd world country, without a poisonous gas.

With the recent fall of a Goblin civilization at the hands of the Elves of The Drink of Dominions, 's current concern is this: will The Drink pour out its wrath once again upon the lands of the Treaty of Lucidity? Is our Goblin King, from the capital city-fortress Narrow Treaties, ready to defend our Dwarven civilization and Elvan scholars? Is there time to contribute steel to the defense of our King, our lands, our way of life, and our families and friends?

"They put computers in everything."

Embedded Systems Engineers create software and hardware. The good ones use the appropriate mixture of both. The great ones are engineers _and_ artists.

I follow a design principle of elegance: functional beauty. If I can't simplify the problem, then I probably don't understand it yet. I know I am creating the when the product or service is .

Consider a new approach. Sometimes, the most elegant solution is: don't do at it.

Morality, Spirituality, Religion: Adultery 

Adultery is a friendship that has gone too far. "We're just friends" and Adultery are **not_mutually_exclusive**!

Do you declare yourself to be a religious or spiritual person? Then consider: God will not destroy one family, to build another.

It has been my observation that in half of abusive relationships, they are both unfaithful.

A faithful spouse will reserve exclusively for marriage what should be in a marriage.

Economics: Bitcoin 

Bitcoin is many different things to different people. There is the bitcoin network; Bitcoin ; bitcoin software; and etc.

The bitcoin currency is different things to different people. It's legal status varies from country to country. It usefulness varies by who you are -- just like the Internet.

Bitcoin is generally considered to be Internet Money. It has some of the same qualities as fiat money; and some additional qualities -- neither will die

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