@MattDementous It is technically possible. There is a port of Linux called uCLinux which works on the core, but that project seems to be dead, and the PineTime may not have enough RAM to run it.

Even if you can successfully run it, it would be a poor experience. An embedded RTOS is a much better solution.


Email info@pine64.org, if you didn't already. The enthusiasm is appreciated. :)

@poetgrant I believe they will come from the factory with Plasma Mobile ("the KDE one").

@sfcgeorge @kelbot
The casing is an existing one, but the internals are customized by us.

@neil @blendergeek

You're not wrong, but the Cortex M support was not merged to mainline. Also most of the chip support that was brought over was ended in 4.17.

- Nordic nRF52832 (Cortex-M4 @ 63Mhz, Bluetooth 5.0 + LE)
- 120x120 IPS screen
- Bosch BMA421 accelerometer
- 180mAh battery


It is not a relatively simple matter of porting it. The Cortex M cores are microcontrollers, and are much simpler than the Cortex A series.

In particular, they do not have a memory management unit (MMU), which is necessary for normal Linux.

There is a variant of Linux (uCLinux) which technically works on the Cortex M cores, but the chip we are using likely does not have enough RAM, and uCLinux seems to be a dead project as far as I can tell.


It will support apps, and will have primary communication to a local device over Bluetooth (up to 5.0 + LE). WiFi is possible as the radio is software programmable, but it does not have a cellular modem.


If you think you can help, email info@pine64.org with details. :)


It is rated IP67, and potentially IP68 with some modifications. So I would say it is about as waterproof as consumer electronics it.


If you think you can help, email info@pine64.org with what you think you can offer. :)

@DiabolusAlbus I don't think we were aware of its existence. It certainly looks like an option to be considered.

@jeena The watch in the picture is an actual prototype. The background obviously is CGI. ;)

@muppeth Unfortunately we can't make that happen at the price point we're looking for.

We are still looking at multi-day battery life with significant (if not always-on) screen on time.

@dwagenk Correct, Nordic nRF52832 SoC, with an additional 8MB/64Mbit NOR flash chip. Bosch BMA421 accelerometer.

If you're really interested, email info@pine64.org about this. Also may want to keep track on one of our chat platforms (look at Community tab on pine64.org/)

@OTheB Those are almost all software matters. Like all of our other devices, we want to make it as open as possible, allowing you to run different firmware if you wish.

What we do know is that it will communicate with a local device over Bluetooth (supports up to BT5.0, including LE).

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