July Update:

- Q&A on 13 August

- V2 announced - available soon

- is the name of our
@risc_v SBC

- are coming along well

- receives support from @DietPi_ & dev units ship

- 1.10 released!

@PINE64 I’d just be careful with the “star” name so as not to conflict with StarLabs. eg., if you plan a Star64 based laptop, StarLabs already has a StarBook. You’re both indie outfits so it would be a shame for there to be confusion.


Цікаво, цікаво...
Маю першу версію цього паяльника, він дійсно зручний, та й звучить як, - Open Source паяльник :)
@zen @PINE64

Так, прямо з їхнього сайту :)
@PINE64 What are the dimensions of the PineBuds carry case? I might be picky but I fell in love with my Jabras because I was downsizing from 30x43x70 to 20x30x60. Going back would be a wrench.

@PINE64 Looking forward to those #PineBuds! Share pics when you have the casts from the molds please!

I hope you are working to supply the ever increasing demand for your products. As the community gets the OSes running smoother every day, your products like pinephone(pro), pinetab, pinenote, pinetime are grabbing a lot more attention from non-developers like me who are not afraid of Linux.

I can't wait for Star64 and Pinecil v2.

I'm getting my wallet ready to purchase a PineTime, Pinecil v2, Star64, and PinePhonePro.
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