December Update:

Year in review & sneak peek at 2022

EE available soon!

PP(P)case now works

dev report; HDMI out & GPU work

PP(P) keyboard available early Jan 2022

game demo and BLE encryption

And much more!

@PINE64 Half squee? I mean, I was seriously hoping this update would announce non-dev pre-orders for the #PinePhonePro, and they're not here yet, but... soon? Can't wait! :D

Serious kudo's to Gaimee for being willing to tackle reverse engineering hardware H264 encoding drivers on the #PineCube! Looking forward to hooking my PineCube up to #HomeAssistant!

Sidenote:Is there any possibility the Pine64 blog might ever adopt a #fediverse commenting plugin? I think you'd get much more interaction...

@PINE64 I hope we can get updates to our modems to remove the vulnerability... but all things in their time.

@PINE64 Awesome and very comprehensive blog post! Personally I am eagerly waiting for the PP(P) Keyboard. :-)

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