New post: My Linux Phone Setup (November 2021)

This one took forever to write. I hope you like it!

Hey, thx for the info on Purism's adaptative version of gnome-calendar. I didn't know about it. I'll have to compile it on pmOS (Phosh). I agree that day view is sorely missed.

I stuck with firefox-esr which has improved a lot in the past few months. On pmOS edge it launches in 7-8 seconds. I no longer use Angelfish.

What's that eMMC hardware modification you mention? I tried searching @PINE64 forum but came up empty.

Thanks, but this appears to be only for the software side, they don't explain what this hardware mod actually is, nor how much speed can be gained...

I guess we'd have to comb through the Pine64 dev chat to find out. (Ugh I hate chat platforms 😒)
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I believe this is what you are looking for ;)

Also for liability sake: we're not responsible if you break something from doing this. You have the right to mod hardware you bought, but this isn't officially supported. :)

Thanks. This requires soldering (not mentioned in the pmOS issue), so that's a definite no for me.
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