October Update:

Introducing the - $399

and PinePhone Pro pre-orders are now open to developers & shipping this year!

major firmware progress & project management update

@PINE64 A couple of weeks ago, I wished for a more powerful Pinephone. I guess a shooting star was passing by at that time!

@PINE64 small question: dual SIM slot? I already have a CE Pinephone but this is tempting as a daily driver (btw yes, I know I have to wait a month or so for the more final model)

> I am well aware that this announcement will overshadow everything else that I may wish to report on, so I intentionally chose not to include other exciting news in this post.

Thank you for your consideration 😂

@PINE64 This seems like hardware that could realistically run Mixxx well.

@PINE64 and with a 128 GB eMMC it would actually be usable for that purpose without a microSD card for many users.

@PINE64 Half the price of the Librem 5. Has anyone done a side by side comparison?

@thomzane The original Pinephone was pretty close in specs. The Pinephone Pro is in a whole 'nother ballpark. 😉

I am curious what the battery life will be like with the more powerful processor. Given what battery life is like now on the pinephone.

Right after the keyboard is available in-store I make an order for both. Great to see advancement on your side. I liked my pinephone, but felt it a bit lacking when it comes to performance so I sold it off and am running my trusty Moto G from 2015 again. With this news I might be on the fence yet again in a few years (right now I just don't have the funds to buy one)

Keep on going pine!

@PINE64 Really excited to see this. Looks like my major complaints of the original Pinephone have been addressed. Will probably have to get one for myself when they become available.

@PINE64 this is so awesome! It can only mean great things for the community as a whole 🤩

@PINE64 It looks great. I'm hoping for a Bright Future for the Linux phone space.

Dammit Pine64, you did it again! WHYYYYYYYY 😱

Gonna have to think of creative uses for my *two* OPPs (original Pinephones 😉)

@normandc Eh!

I reckon I will probably have a Pinephone Pro before I receive my Librem 5 ;)


@normandc @PINE64 replacing the mother board by the new one, and using the old one for IoT or light desktop?

I'm not sure it will work. There are slight differences between the two phones, for example the Pro is 2mm thicker. It'd be nice if it was possible though.

I'm starting to think of selling my second Pinephone (the first Plasma Mobile Community Edition 3/32GB), which I barely used.

Which reminds me, I already upgraded my UBports CE's mainboard, the old board is sitting in a box in the closet.

Nice to see the speed issues addressed. Shame it's not 8Gb RAM.
Now all we have to do is wait for the OSes to be daily-driver-stable.


While I wouldn't turn down 8GB of RAM I also can't say I have ever felt hamstrung by having only 4GB of RAM on my various phones.


They're calling it their flagship smartphone and have put "pro" in the name. Even my cheap Samsung A series has 6Gb.


Does your Samsung have a removable battery ? Privacy kill switches ? Able to run a Linux distro ? The Pinephones don't target the same market that normal phones do. Compared to the CE this is a "Pro" version.

@PINE64 pinephone pro looks great, nice work! How is the quartz64 coming along? Looking to grow my family of pine64 devices as soon as it is considered "stable"

@PINE64 Congratulations on yet another step for mobile GNU/Linux! The dedicated page says that the ‘PinePhone Pro is as open as the original PinePhone.’ Does that mean WiFi still requires proprietary blobs, but could eventually be liberated by the Nutcracker challenge participants? It would be great to hear any news on that front.

@PINE64 I'd be willing to work on the getting-started "NOOB" page of the wiki. Who do I talk to about that?

@PINE64 three things I see that were supposed to get an upgrade. 5G modem or at least a faster LTE, faster storage than eMMC and screen resolution.


Let's go down the list. 😊

1. Sometimes it's better to stick with compatibility rather than throwing out years of software optimization from the devs.

2. The eMMC has gotten a major upgrade in speed as well as capacity. Expect 2-3x better storage performance than original PinePhone.

3. From everyone we've talked to with the original PinePhone, you really can't see the "missing" resolution unless you hold it too close to your face. Maybe not ideal for a VR headset though. 😉

@PINE64 Announcement says the battery has received an upgrade, but the spec page says it's the same 3000mah Samsung J7 as the original Pinephone, which is it? Thank you!

@moparisthebest I believe it's the same battery. There was likely confusion in the announcement from the 2800/3000 rated/typical numbers for the battery in either PinePhone.

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