August Community Update!

We're excited to announce the
: fast refresh e-ink panel, 4GB RAM, 128GB eMMC, Rockchip RK3566- $399

- keyboard enters production - coming soon

- new touchpad firmware

- &

- development updates

And _much_ more!

> I’m sure some of you lunatics will also use it for terminal work and other such applications – godspeed and have fun with it, you’ve got our blessing.

Haha yeah absolutely, an e-ink screen seems great for terminal work and reducing eye-strain because you do not get either too much light in your face or not enough.

@lanodan 100% I've been waiting for an eink device that could operate as a tablet. I know this wont be quite there but it's definetly a 'take my money' situation. @PINE64

@kde @PINE64 I would be curious to know what the pinenote is like to draw on.

@kde @PINE64

This is going to be fun to watch. As much as I love both Plasma and Plasma Mobile, neither seem particularly designed for an E-ink tablet!

Fun times ahead figuring this out!

Does it have a touch screen, or is it by pen only?

@Blort @kde

It has both capacitive (finger-touch) and EMR (pen) sensitivity.

@PINE64 Very cool! I looked for e-ink notepads last week and did not find a suitable alternative to Remarkable. 👍​

@PINE64 the PineNote… thank you for ensuring I don’t spend money on a Remarkable or an iPad mini, brilliant!

Alright. Enough already with the cool "I must have one no matter if I need it or not" new products. Stop it. Stop. It!

... Pretty please?


@PINE64 Stop making things I like, my wallet can only handle so much

@PINE64 60Hz? 10 inch? Nigh resolution? Wow, eink really evolved

I would really love to use the PineNote in school 😍 and move the iPad I use right now immediately to the trashcan where it belongs.

@PINE64 is 8gb possible on the rk3566? it'd be a more practical primary device. i do pretty well on my 4gb laptop but largely because the SATA SSD is quite good at swap.

@PINE64 Will the PineNote have a web browser function to take advantage of the Library Overdrive functionality?

@OddHouseGames @PINE64 seems to be able to run full blown Linux so I'd assume you can install a browser.

@PINE64 congratulations! Reshared and hoping the best for PINE64.

@PINE64 it's been at least a couple months now since I've heard any update about Your Risc-V board. I'm interested in how things are going.

@PINE64 psst @mhoye , it's a long road to being a fully completed device, but check out the PineNote! 👀↑↑

@PINE64 Is the CPU and operating system open source? If so, then what operating system are you using?

@XxAlexXx In the ?

It uses the Rockchip RK3566, which isn't open source really, but far more documentation is publically available than for most SoCs.

It runs Linux, in whatever flavor you want.

@PINE64 Chill, it ain't that strong. Its an e book. Anyways how is the sensitivity of the pen? How many pressure levels does it have?

@PINE64 Ara, that PineNote looks spicey now that similar devices are coming to market all the time.

How hackable will it be tho?

@PINE64 when is hardware upgrade going to happen for and ? They are due

@PINE64 stawp it!! I can't be spending money all the time!!! but I will....

... p.s. sent from my #pinephone using #tootle

@herag I'm waiting for the Pinephone to get a bit more user friendly. My friend who works for KDE is still tinkering with his. Not sure if he got his camera working. I DO want one, tho! How is your experience?

@Prof_Trixie so far it has been fantastic! I mean, there are quite a few bumps along the way, but overall I think this phone has huge potential. I am not a heavy consumer of "apps", so I don't need a whole lot. but the wifi and 4G work great on Tmobile and texting works great and #XMPP is integrated into the texting app.

The processor is a little weak though. Apps will need to be updated regularly until that smooths out. Web browsers are the worst offender, though Surf from suckless works.

@herag Well I don't use my phone for internet much, just Telegram. I use very few apps, just need to make calls, take pics, and check Telegram. I'm glad to hear from those that have one that they like it.

@Prof_Trixie the camera works... but it ain't great. I imagine it will also improve as the software improves, but right now it is just passing. You won't be doing any photoshoots with your pinephone unless you are going for like a dungeon low res theme. :D

@PINE64 Czy są jakiekolwiek testy #PineDio?
jaki jest zasięg, jaka jest przepustowość, czy ktoś robił bramke internet <-> lora , czy można używać #pineDio tylko jako repeater do wifi itp.
Czy będziecie starali się by sprzęt był kompatybilny z #pylife?

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