DHL sent ALL PinePhones to New Zealand instead of their actual destinations. How this happened is beyond us. This is a massive blunder on their part, but ultimately we're the one that gets to apologize to you - very sorry about this. It will take a week to sort this situation out.

@PINE64 They take outrageous fees, for this... Sorry for all the people waiting.

@PINE64 PinePhone AI hacked into DHL to save them from Covid19 I guess

That's hilarious for everybody that haven't ordered a Pinephone.
@PINE64 - Im in NZ, if theres anything I can do to help, let me know.

@PINE64 i actually can't stop laughing. _every single one?_ every single pinephone? to new zealand? ded.

@PINE64 wtf? *hugs* to you all, must not be fun trying to sort that out. You had one job, DHL! I mean, bloody hell, when capitalists can even capitalism properly! *smh*

@aral @PINE64 Capitalists are in general often not very good at “capitalism”, since the goal is delivering the worst service the customer will [be forced to] accept, not the best possible.

@aral @PINE64 I’m inclined to believe they capitalismed exactly as intended… Probably saved a ton of money by making such mistakes possible (overworked people, skimped on checks, etc.) and in all likelihood they’ll manage to avoid paying any damages; Hell they’ll probably try to make @PINE64 pay for re-shipment. I’ve yet to see a case where global markets have actually lead to a better product instead of an emergent race to the bottom…

camouflaged advertising for an apple product 

@aral @PINE64 in this experiment, DHL shipped a package to the wrong korea and even lost another package

i'm not sure if DPD, FedEx, UPS would be better. maybe

never use hermes. they are known to literally throw the package in the trash or onto the balcony. of couse they do that because the working conditions are so bad

@PINE64 Ugh, so sorry to hear that. If hardware wasn't already hard enough right now, the current state of shipping makes it a nightmare.

@PINE64 On the other hand, good news for people in New Zealand!

@PINE64 @selea and now we wait to see if DHL delivers 64 pine trees to every Pine64 customer 😂

@PINE64 this is called 'interdiction' and is how the #FVEY plants hardware implants.

What measures do you have to prevent surreptitious hardware from being implanted by FVEY?

(followers, this would be a good question to get an answer for: RT the above question until they answer it)

@PINE64 I guess they were...
pining for the fiords?

@PINE64 How the hell…..? You’re going to have a heck of a time sorting that out, my sympathies!

@PINE64 this is not funny to you, but kinda funny to me. good luck sorting it out.

@PINE64 by "all" you actually mean ALL that you were shipping in this batch?

Well, look at it this way. Everybody on the planet wish they'd have the chance to visit NZ in their lifetime. At least these poor Pinephone owners-to-be will be able to say, device in hand: "hey, I've never been to NZ and I may never go, but at least my Pinephone did!"

Sorry for the bad joke... 😅

@normandc @PINE64 let's hope they took some nice pictures there! (with each of the pinephones)

@PINE64 As someone who lives in New Zealand, and was thinking of ordering a Pinephone, which depot are they at? 😄


Oddly, a year ago they were the only company I could count on to get my package to me- UPS etc. would just say they'd tried and ship back to the owner. (Had to get my Ultimate64 motherboard shpped to Belgium, pick up in Germany, and fly back home to Finland because of this...)

But I've heard outside of .fi they are ... less reliable.

What happened to the famous german efficiency?? :-)
DHL is owned by Deutsche Post... Same as Purolator is owned (93% I think) by Canada Post.

@PINE64 @klaatu Did you order a PinePhone? And did you accidentally order all of the PinePhone's?

@PINE64 Will these units be inspected to ensure they haven't been tampered with?

@PINE64 its cos you used bloody DHL. they are as clueless as fed fucking ex XD

@PINE64 What bad luck!! I should have ordered mine just a week earlier to avoid this. Anyway, at least now Ill be able to say that my pinephone has literally gone round the world.

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