With the final keyboard prototype now undergoing testing, we want to know, will you be grabbing one at launch?

If you answered the poll on twitter, please do not answer this one as well. Thanks.

@PINE64 I'd preorder one now if I could. I plan to write a review.

@PINE64 Will you publish a summary of this poll along with the Twitter's one ? 🙂

@rodolphe It will probably be summarized in the upcoming monthly update.

@PINE64 I'll probably eventually get it after I have some time to get the phone setup.

But I really enjoy taunting my non-linux using spouse with the keyboard. They really would like a phone with a keyboard again.

There is much sadness at the lack of alternatives to the N900.

@PINE64 I have been using an ortholinier keyboard with layers and it makes such great use of small keyboards. Also, it is a 40% keyboard.

Though; with that said, that is a very nice and tempting looking keyboard.

@PINE64 If I have the money at the time I'd really like to! I'm currently waiting for the camera app to be able to shoot video without requiring a console command, can't use a phone that can't film... also clarification and fixes on people claiming the screens are sometimes getting unglued and coming off.

@PINE64 I know a bunch of people who would have grabbed the keyboard along with a #Pinephone if there was a Nordic version available - unfortunately it's US / UK only.

The issue with Nordic keyboards is that they have extra keys that cannot fit in the US / UK key schema.

@polychrome @PINE64 You're sure on this one? Icelandic keyboard layout seems to just use an ISO (as in ISO/IEC 9995-2) physical layout without special usage on the key next to left-shift, so it should work okay on the ANSI layout that seems to be planned.

Only one that will not fit is the JIS layout, but basically just for the alphabet-switches which can be done on the screen itself or via shortcuts (like basically anyone writing Japanese outside of Japan does).

@lanodan the problem is with the condensed layout planned for the Pinephone keyboard:

There's no room for Nordic keys like äö and å which are used a lot so overloading them with other keys isn't really an option.


@PINE64 I live in turkey. Even if I want to get the government is taking a very high tax.

@PINE64 Voted no, but that's only because I'm currently too poor.

If I could have, I would have gotten a pinephone like a year ago and am still planning on getting one as soon as I stop being homeless and get disposable income.

Luckily, this is supposed to happen in the next couple months… :F

I refused cellphones for over 10 years, but had to succumb last year to have access to a bank account and am *not* happy about it – IMO a physical killswitch for the baseband is essential security-wise.

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