@PINE64 this is one of those projects that fundamentally change a devices viability to such a degree i’ve had to tell people like “rk3399 isn’t what it was a year ago” because they act down on it based on prior experiences

@PINE64 Soo.... anyone care to decipher what all this means for the #Pinephone? I mean, I know that the Pinephone GPU is a #Mali... something. Beyond that, I'm lost.

Does this mean OpenGL ES 3.1 support coming to the Pinephone soon?


This doesn't mean anything for the Pinephone. Panfrost is for Mali "Midgard" and "Bifrost" architecture GPUs. You can find what generation a given GPU is on the Wikipedia page: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mali_(GP

But long story short, the Pinephone uses Mali 400, which outright does not have the hardware to support GLES3. (It also uses the Lima driver, not Panfrost)

However, this does mean GLES3 support for RockPro64, Pinebook Pro, and Quartz64. 😁

@PINE64 Ahhhhh... ok. Thanks for clarifying. With my rather limited technical knowledge here I assumed that "this is for Mali" and "Pinephone uses some kind of Mali" meant "this is for Pinephone".

Good to know what it's *actually* for!

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