We're taking aim for the stars with FemtoStar - a mobile satellite service running open software atop of open hardware spacecraft.

@PINE64 any plans for what launch vehicle will be used? Electron? Wait for Neutron? Falcon?

@cinebox We don't have that information; we are merely a hardware partner.

You guys are amazing and partner with the best projects.
@PINE64 😮 how comes I'd never heard of the project? I've just skimmed over, but I'm already in love.
One question, though: are there any considerations about potential light pollution? Starlinks already contaminate night sky more than enough...

@PINE64 This is great and all, but, can we please stop with the trend where every goddamn company on the planet having their own fleet of LEO satellites? Can the astronomers PLEASE have a dark sky with which to perform their scientific research?

StarLink is already causing no end of trouble for astronomers. You're just going to compound this issue.

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