May update: order anytime this year!; from RAKwireless project launches June; w InfiniTime 1.0 in store June; keyboard review units ship; stock in June; runs @fedora 34 & production hiatus:

@PINE64 I'm glad to read that PinePhone parts have been secured for production through the rest of 2021!

I just got my PinePhone a week ago. I'm loving it! I waa very pleased with most things working right out of the box. I'm very impressed with the hardware design, and community software.

It's not the fastest machine, but after running updates, the whole experience was much better. I'm still testing to make sure it can run as my daily driver.

I forgot to get a screen protector and case. So I'll have to do that first. I'll also want to get some maxed out SD cards with fast transfer speeds and lots of space, but I always carry an external portable NVMe SSD, so I don't need SD card space for files, just the OS and programs.

Any tips or links to tips from folks on extending battery life?
Also, any favorite apps to use on the PinePhone?

I am having some from problems with my convergance package with displaying on a bigger screen and some small issues with mice.
@wildeagle5 if you're impressed with it out of the box you should try #postmarketos or #mobian as phosh (imo) runs much better than Plasma mobile. As for app suggestions, really depends what type of apps you wish to use.

@jawsh @wildeagle5 Note that choosing doesn't mean you automatically get , as we ship and as well.

@postmarketOS @wildeagle5 yes I'm aware, poor wording I suppose. Meant that phosh paired with PMOS or Mobian made for a better experience than Majaro and KDE.
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