We will be working with RAKwireless to incorporate functionality into existing and future devices. The ultimate goal is to introduce a safer and more private means of peer-to-peer and group text communication.

@PINE64 isn't the radio part of lora a non free/libre standard?

@jr @PINE64 seconding this. I read that LoRa is proprietary. It seems there are a couple alternatives, though. Mentioned on Wikipedia.

@brad @PINE64 according to wikipedia [1] at least the physical layer is proprietary, so nobody outside of the company that owns LoRa really seems to know how the data is actually modulated etc. I wonder how this fits together with the "as free as possible" philosophy Pine64 usually has?


@PINE64 what a terrible site to read on Firefox mobile

@RyuKurisu @PINE64 woach, you're absolutely right! 🤮 Reading-mode makes it a whole lot better though 👍🏻

@Bloodaxe @PINE64 thanks for the reminder, too bad I need it and it doesn't use dark mode/Dark Reader 😔

I've found something in about:config but it doesn't seem to adhere the alteration 😭

@RyuKurisu @PINE64 there is dark-mode for the reader on Mobile. Go into any article with read-mode, and then press the options-button. A new option is available called Apperance. Here you can enable dark-mode, and adjust the text size 👍🏻

@Bloodaxe @PINE64 huh, why does it work in there and not from about:config? 🤯

@RyuKurisu It is ironic how badly @PINE64's website and forums work on small screens. I wish they would migrate the forums to Discourse.

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