@PINE64 Are you planning Pinebooks with QWERTZ keyboard? I'm looking for something to replace my aging X121e.

@0mega You could buy Stickers to adopt to qwertz, at least thats what I'm planning to do

@ccgx I know these stickers ... let's say I'd use them as last resort xD

Maybe not qwertz, but ISO models would be good. @0mega
You can still relabel the keyboard with stickers as long as you have enough keys for öüä and ß, which is the case for the iso layout

@PINE64 - I had my finger over the "Pay Now" button. I had to tear myself away, as I need a new SSD for my desktop far more than I need a new laptop. I wish I could, but budget constraints wont let me. Hopefully, you'll be selling them again at a later date! Keep up the good work!

@white_gecko @PINE64 I would like to know whether buying an ISO replacement keyboard (from the spare parts) is possible and how to replace it.

@grauzone @white_gecko @PINE64 It is possible, just apparently fairly difficult to replace and there isn't any official guide on how to do it

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