March Blog Update!

- Manufacturing status report

- & available for devs in April

- e-ink works with Q64

- pre-orders this month for $220

- Beta Edition preorders soon & keyboard update

- software progress and more!

@PINE64 No love for the pinetab? My poor tab has a cracked digitizer.

@errantlibrarian @PINE64 I'd really love an update on the pinetab. Haven't heard anything for months about it

@PINE64 when preorders open for PineBook pro & PinePhone, shipments are not expected until 2022? Did I read that correctly?

@PINE64 Hi, UK person here, would I be better off getting a US PineBook Pro or waiting for the UK model?

@PINE64 the 15th of the month has quickly become my favorite day. Keep up the awesome work!

Any idea if replacement motherboards be available for the #pinephone when the beta edition is available? Totlly understand that this could change by the hour with all the wildness going on around part shortages.

Can't help but feeling very disappointed. Missed out on the last pine book pro and now it will only be usable with external keyboard 😥
Anyone have any idea for an alternative open source net book?
I assume this means the ISO keyboard version won't be available until components are back to normal.

Question, primarily related to the #Quartz64 SBC:
With the Rock64 and RockPro64 most releases came with a 4.4 kernel.
Which kernel version will be 'supported' for the Quartz64?

Was surprised it wasn't f.e. 4.9 as that is the kernel version for #Debian Stretch, but I just learned the 4.4 is a SLTS kernel.

Syncing with Debian Stable releases has many advantages.

An upgrade to 4.19 makes sense (Debian Buster + SLTS), but 5.10 would be better (Bullseye + SLTS)

I'm guessing you're primarily (or only?) reliant on what #rockchip provides, and I'm also guessing that you have far better contacts and sway with them to persuade them to support/go for a more recent kernel.

SLTS = Super Long Term Support (kernel).
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