[PSA] Re. availability of , , , etc., Due to component shortages, component price-increases & related issues, we will only open orders/pre-orders when production is securely underway. We are working hard to make most devices available this month, but ultimately we cannot a guarantee this. We don't want to take your money without certainty of delivering devices on time.

Follow our Telegram channel, Twitter / Mastodon & blog for information on device availability.

@PINE64 Hopefully everything is able to be produced and everyone can get their awesome Pine64 stuff

@PINE64 Thank you for clarifying and for everything you do! I hope buying the devices won't have to be suspended for too long, and especially that their price won't have to increase (I'm planning to buy but could no longer afford it then).

Artificial scarcity is a proven means of driving up prices.
thank you for not being purism! I love puttung my money places that actually deliver on their promises.


Hi, I was looking through your upcoming products and was wondering if you'd thought about adding a small screen to your upcoming phone keyboard.

Planet computers found a small status panel on the outside of their shell was pretty helpful so people could tell who was calling before having to open the phone.

(Though I suppose you could use the pine time instead 😉 )

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