PINE64 February Update! We've said it before, but for real this time: this is a big one...

- A look at RK3566 SBC
- keyboard news
- We're making a RISC-V SBC! -
- default OS is @kde PlaMo on @ManjaroARM
- back in March
- part of our ecosystem
- progress
- much more!


I know with Chinese New Year you're having logistics issues, but is there any word on when the PineTab will be available again? Will it resume production after CNY, like the Pinebook Pro?

@kde @ManjaroARM

I'd like to hear more about #pinetab as well.
@PINE64, are you planning upgrading hardware for PineTab any time soon? 😉 @kde @ManjaroARM

Wow. An interesting choice of default OS for the #Pinephone. While #Manjaro + #KDE #PlasmaMobile is actually my personal dream choice, even I would have to admit that #UBports and #Phosh are more feature complete. We'll see what future development holds though.

What's interesting here though is that with @purism choosing Phosh as their default, that there's now effectively a "Gnome phone" and a "KDE phone", even though both can be reflashed with other OS's.

Fun times!
@kde @ManjaroARM

@PINE64 every single update amazes me. Almost make me cry

@PINE64 Alright there is some really cool stuff in here. Hoping that everything learned with the PINEPHONE will allow you to make a decent RV64GC one in a few years.

The updates look wonderful.
However, I have a question regarding #pinephone keyboard cover (which I'm patiently waiting). On the image it looks like you can't open keyboard 360° and use it as just simple phone. Is that the case for the case?🙂
@kde @ManjaroARM

:D I'm particularly pleased to hear that you're intending to develop a #Linux capable #RISCV SBC. This is excellent news.

I hope, as time goes on, that you will riff on it as creatively as you have done with your Arm SBCs.


Really great news, I'm especially enthusiastic about the Lora / LoraWAN part! Especially for small devices 🎉
@kde @ManjaroARM

@PINE64 @kde @ManjaroARM Congrats to manjaro! Power to the people! You know, @mobian will always be just a download away on the in case you ever feel like it ;-).

@mobian @PINE64 @kde @ManjaroARM
hehe things repeating; back in the zaurus days there was qtopia as default ui/rom, and openzaurus/angström with GPE... the mini-gnome as "custom rom" x)

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