The second episode of the PineTalk Podcast is out!

@linmob and @Ezra talked to Dalton Durst of @ubports, discussed Community news and answered questions!

Give it a listen:

Full show notes:

@PINE64 Don't want to spoil your feast but can someone look at RMA case 8035? Even simple response like "sorry but we'll never send it back to you" would suffice. Thank you.

@PINE64 @linmob @Ezra @ubports I'd love to see accessibility address regarding the Pine Phone. Blind people shouldn't need to be shackled to Apple or Google, or use a "dumb phone" to not be sucked into what vendors want of them.

@devinprater @PINE64 @Ezra @ubports While I wholeheartedly agree, accessibility is something the Linux desktop needs to get better at too, which has a way larger installed base and thus is more relevant (also improvements there could trickle down to ). It's a hard problem. Still, "someone" should start working on it, maybe that someone can be you!

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