Today marks the end of Community Editions.
Thank you to
@kde and @mobian for making it possible. And thank you to all of you who picked up a CE and supported the mobile Linux cause!


@PINE64 @ubports @postmarketOS @manjarolinux @kde @mobian I picked up a @postmarketOS CE, but I plan on test-driving all of the existing distros when I get a chance. I have to say I have a soft spot for @mobian because I run Debian on my laptop 😊

@PINE64 - I was waiting (or rather desperately hoping) for a #sailfishos community edition... :blobcat:

@vattuvarg @PINE64 A SFOS edition would have been awesome. Sadly looks like that won't be a thing.

Any idea when mainboards will be available again? I was told on the forum that the offer to BH and UBports owners would be renewed.
@ubports @postmarketOS @manjarolinux @kde @mobian

@normandc @PINE64 @ubports @postmarketOS @manjarolinux @kde @mobian

Ya, waiting here too. The USB port hardware issues have nixed my use case for the Braveheart phone. Love it though I do otherwise (I know I could fix it with a chip switch but after looking at the videos, don't think I have that level of soldering skill).

The article mentioned there were a few Mobian editions left. I went to look at the store, but the Convergence version with 3GB/32GB was sold out. If there had been left, I think I would have splurged.

My Pinephone with its defective SD card slot is just a paperweight right now. I'm tired of waiting for mainboards. 😢
@PINE64 @ubports @postmarketOS @manjarolinux @kde @mobian

@normandc True, the convergence edition is already sold out, the 2GB has a few left. We are flattered that so many like our cool back cover logo ;-)

@flay @normandc @PINE64 I can tell from first-hand experience that a Braveheart **can** still function even if you unsolder a few resistors too many by accident (or clumsiness). 😉

@mobian @normandc @PINE64 Ha, good to know. I'll try to make the mod AFTER I source a replacement board. Safety first!

After sporting a Nexus5 running for years, stepping back into the android world feels pretty uncomfortable, even with Lineage.

Pine64 made our name outdated, and we love it. Thank you @PINE64 for giving us this amazing opportunity to bring free software to the mobile space and provide a platform for all the different projects to work on together. Cheers, - premarketOS

@postmarketOS @PINE64 hey when will Pine64 get shipped worldwide I wanna buy it. I live in Iran

@fabrixxm @postmarketOS @dheadshot @ubports @PINE64 @manjarolinux @mobian Haha, a Pinephone with locked bootloader in cooperation with Google and bloatware from Facebook 😁


Where to buy the standard edition then ?
On the pine64 website clicking on "smartphones" leads to a page that show only the "community editions", all out of stock...


It's explained in the blog post, but: the "normal" is not available yet.


Well, that part wasn't explained in the blog post I think, so thanks for the info.
Any idea/web resource about when it'll be available ?

@LienRag Sorry, I thought this was a different blog post.

We're looking at late March or April for that.

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