And to think I bought the Manjaro edition a few weeks ago to now have Mobian running on it...

This is the one I need!

@martijnbraam @PINE64
I purchased a kde #pinephone, I hope I can figure out a way to get the mobian backplate...

@lucifargundam @martijnbraam @PINE64 I purchased a Manjaro PinePhone and a blank, hopefully they start selling all of the communinty back plates too

@lucifargundam @martijnbraam @PINE64 they do have the blank plate, I bought one, it's nice to have a totally unbranded phone but I do also want to be a Debian fangirl sometimes too :3

@PINE64 Maybe the question has already been answered, but, is it possible to buy the back cover only? (My PMos CE runs on mobian! ;-) )

@PINE64 (Maybe a slightly more expensive than the original one, to give the difference to mobian 😀)

@fredds @PINE64

> (My PMos CE runs on mobian! ;-) )

I'm sad now 😢 Thanks for your donation to our project anyway though!

@bart @PINE64 oh sorry for that... I didn't intend to be mean. ;) It's just that I've been running on Debian for many years now, so I'm much more comfortable with it than Alpine. I have to admit, it's pure laziness from me 😴

@fredds @PINE64 I fully understand! Let me know if there is any way we can make pmOS and/or Alpine more comfortable for you though!

@PINE64 Ordered one today, can't wait to get my hands on it!
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