January Update!

- Announcing @mobian CE

- keyboard progress update

- and production news

- podcast in Feb

- New website is now up

- software news

- Red & firmware update

and much more!

@PINE64 @mobian seriously the website looks amazing , massive improvement. Great work guys ! Now to sit down with a coffee and read the January update.

@PINE64 Will there be some sort of notice when the PineTab goes on sale again? I REALLY don't wanna miss out on this batch!

@PINE64 @mobian This is awesome news! I can't wait to see more development on the project.

Great! Looking forward to get a pinetab :)


i hope you folks make more volume. i just had a phone die on me, needed a new phone, and couldn't go with your device because there wasn't any available.

unfortunately this means it'll probably be a long time before the situation arises where i have to make this decision again.

@PINE64 @mobian are there any SKU or hardware changes to the pinebook pro when production resumes?
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