PSA: due to a software issue, shipping charges were incorrectly applied to early KDE CE pre-orders.
Affected orders: #159750 to #159962

You will be refunded and asked to re-order. This will NOT affect shipping date granted you pre-order again in few days.

Our apologies.

@tusooa but you are probably closer to Shenzhen as me? You could go there by foot and ask them what is wrong?! ;) @PINE64

@drsebro @PINE64 I can't cross the ocean on foot, and I'd assume I am on the exact opposite site of the earth compared to Shenzhen.

@tusooa ok, than good morning and all the best from Switzerland :) @PINE64

@PINE64 Is it possible to get a shipping Date for earlier order range? I am somewhere in 1579xx and still have no confirmed date.


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