soldering iron is now available for purchase for $24.99. With this first batch we also decided to include the break-out board free of charge.
You're welcome.

@PINE64 are there going to be differences between this batch and later ones?

@hook54321 Other than the break-out inclusion in the first batch, none planned.

@kemonine @PINE64 Doom can run on just about anything. I remember reading a Reddit thread a year or so ago and people have ran Doom on some strange things.

That's why I asked 😉

I've seen doom on some very interesting hardware over the years

@kemonine @PINE64 Doom has been one of my favorite game series since I was a kid. Doom 3 in my opinion didn't really feel like Doom and is the only one I haven't revisited. 2016's Doom was fun but Eternal really is phenomenal. I'm going to be disappointed if Microsoft starts sticking their fingers in the pie.

@PINE64 not quite sure why anyone'd need processing power in their soldering iron, but if it gives you something to do …

@scruss You need processing power to be able to have programmable control of the power level or temperature of the iron.

Anyone who has had to do much SMD soldering (or work on an old/fragile PCB) with a fixed temp iron can tell you how much of a pain it is.

@PINE64 I've been using medium/high end temperature-controlled irons for years. Most of them are quite analogue

@scruss They also cost quite a bit more than $25, don't they? 😉

@PINE64 Yup. Individual tips for one of mine cost over $25. Mine will also do a whole shift at the same temperature and survive a whole bunch of misuse without the risk of a USB connector breaking or needing a firmware update.

Can yours?


I see no significant reason to worry about the long term viability of the Pinecil, though it is designed for portable hobby use, not high volume production lines.

It also can be powered from a barrel jack, if you're worried about a USB connector. Could even hardwire it if you wanted to.

Also we're not Google or Amazon, so we're certainly not going to force anyone into firmware updates. 😉

@scruss @PINE64 Something something can, something something should.

@drwho There was a brief fad for the original Pine 64 at the local Linux user group, followed by Pinebooks at the C= user group. Both gave out quite quickly when support and drivers didn't happen.

@PINE64 I never knew I needed a soldering iron with a RISC-V chip.

@PINE64 What kind of a time difference is there between standard and courier shipping (to US)? Any kind of ballpark ETA if I were to order today? Just curious (but patient).

@PINE64 My #Pinecil arrived today! First impression is very good. Haven’t had a chance to plug it in yet.

@PINE64 sold out already, when can we expect more stock?

@PINE64 an they are gone. When can I scoop another one?

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