soldering irons based on are rolling off the production line. We think they turned out great!

Coming to the Pine Store very soon.

@PINE64 How can a soldering iron be "based on" an ISA?

@kai It's a programmable soldering iron which uses a RISC-V microcontroller.

@kemonine It was announced on day one -- $25 for the iron and one tip. The other tip sets are also $25 each.

@PINE64 I hadn't checked

My trusty weller wes51 kinda obviates the need for a programmable iron (for now)
@PINE64 ( @thatbrickster repeated )
Can someone explain to me why a soldering iron needs a CPU?

@Hyolobrika @thatbrickster

Fine adjustable temperature control is the main thing. Also potential for being able to program in heating profiles and such is there.

@PINE64 @Hyolobrika @thatbrickster

I have a TS100, the fact that it sets the temperature to 150C when it's been still for a while and back to the work temperature when you pick it up is pretty useful (it also turns off after it's been idle for long enough). Its only flaw (same for the TS80, same for the Pinecil) is the tips that are outrageously expensive (Hakko compatible tips are ~$5, TS100 tips were ~$10 a piece last time I checked).

Also, a soldering station will tend to have a microcontroller inside if it has any sort of decent temperature control and digital display (you can even DIY - there are lots of controller kits that use Hakko tips out there); the Pinecil (and the TS100 / TS80, etc.) just has the brains built in for compactness and the aforementioned accelerometer goodness.

@PINE64 that's neat. Kind of want one though I still have a weller wes50 that's going strong. At 25 though that's not a bad price!

@jordan31 @PINE64 If I didn't already own a TS100, I would order one immediately.

@Tay0 @jordan31 @PINE64 I have a TS100 at work and had been saving up to get one (or a TS80) for home as well. The price and the grip make this iron look incredibly attractive to me over the TS100, plus the bonus excuse to get my hands on some RISC-V hardware.

@PINE64 any info on them? Price, watt?

Thank you in advance.

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