Much software progress is made between the moment an OS is submitted to the factory and when users receive their .

Please update your
@manjarolinux Community Edition using the inbuilt software center (you'll be prompted) or via command-line (sudo pacman -Syyuu).

@PINE64 @manjarolinux I just upgraded from the command line, and now my backspace button is typing '=', and enter is typing ' '. This is a very bad thing.

@kris @manjarolinux I've personally experienced this before on system upgrades (not Manjaro though). A system reboot solved it.

@PINE64 @manjarolinux great :) that was my first thought, I'm restarting now

@PINE64 Had to remove and replace the battery multiple times to get the phone to boot, but the terminal is fixed :)

@PINE64 @manjarolinux sudo pacman - Syyuu? I thought it was - Syu, I have to try this

@deedend @PINE64 @manjarolinux I believe the difference is that yy forces the cache refresh, no matter how recent it is. It adds strain on the servers so it shouldn't be used all the time. No ides about the uu flag however.

The second "y" forces a database update, no matter the last check (even if it was a few seconds before).
The second "u" enables downgrades.

Unless you have to troubleshoot something, -Syu is the regular command for updates.

@PINE64 i just upgraded, no noticeable issues so far but the call quality has DEFINITELY improved, so poggers! thank you folks <3
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