Major performance improvements coming to the thanks to work by Ondrej Jirman (megi).
Video shows UI performance of
@kde on
@postmarketOS, but the fix will benefit all OSes.

@PINE64 @kde @postmarketOS Nice to see Plasma Mobile getting their S together and starting to compete with the already far better phosh. Impressive scroll performance, still just about as good as on the CPU rendered GTK3.

So what was the actual improvement? Is it using GPU acceleration for the UI now?

Personally I found plasma buggy, but had no problems with the performance of it per se.

I just wish I could help in a more useful way, but unless they need a specific graphic/design created, then I'll just have to bide my time.

I've already learned the hard way not to bother offering graphic design to projects not asking for it.

@kde @postmarketOS

@Blort @PINE64 @kde @postmarketOS The screen was not running at 60 Hz I believe. Will include the story after proper research in .

@PINE64 @postmarketOS @kde It's really amazing how fast Linux for phones is improving 👍

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