October News Update:

- New Pine Store

- & LCD shortages

- @ManjaroLinux CE box + image

- PinePhone Qi charging, NFC & keyboard

- AI module-call to action

- IP camera now available+ more lenses coming

- progress & more

@PINE64 :ablobhype:

Oh, pinetime updates!

Also, apparently I need to check out the latest Manjaro build for my pinephone.

@PINE64 What is the resolution of the PineCube? I don't see anything about that under specs.

@PINE64 A great update 👍 I really like the announcement with the PinePhone keyboard.I can still write much better and faster with my good old Blackberry while the PinePhone is so much better software-wise and I want to use it more.Additionally the bigger battery will solve the only problem which prevents me from using the PinePhone as a daily driver.I hope it will be available soon.I'll instantly order it,no matter what it will cost.My first experiments with the PinePhone showed me that I can't permanently live without a physical keyboard.

@PINE64 Hello, I am thinking of buying a and use it as an ebook reader.
What do you think?

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