@PINE64 According to the post, the PineCom won't have a modem or video out support. I'm wondering what yall see this device being used for? It doesn't sound like it's meant to be a mobile, on-the-go, device. Is it meant to be a at-home, consumption device, like a tablet?

@zack Exact purpose is up to user input here -- but it's likely to be more of an old-school workhorse of a PDA/communicator with more I/O than a sleek smartphone (PinePhone), with the added benefit of off-grid communications over LoRaWAN.

@PINE64 This looks like a bad idea, pine64 should be focusing on the pinephone and making it stable/mature.

@PINE64 I'd be interested in a device focused on supporting decentralized / off-grid communication, e.g. in a disaster zone where cell towers are offline. What hardware would you want in a pocket device to e.g. support a mesh network? Alternate protocols like Hypercore or Secure Scuttlebutt?

I like patchedsoul's suggestion: 2) It's an "alternative" communications device, leveraging local or alternative RF protocols.

I agree with them that some modularity would support that use case.

@skyfaller @PINE64 I think existing stuff can handle this as long as everyone has some sort of sent box/set

@PINE64 Wow, this sounds like exactly what I was looking for! I use an iPod Touch for most things right now, it would be great to have a more secure/open alternative

@athairbirb very interesting, I'm quite keen on the idea of a separate handheld device for media, browsing with a smaller screen, would encourage me to get a non-smart phone too.. (although I do have two linux smartphones on pre-order at the moment..)


@PINE64 This seems like 'giving up' and admitting the pinephone will never be a decent phone, so you just drop the pesky phone part and call it perfected...

@PINE64 ostatnio coś proponoałem, rysunki, opisy jakieś dowody dlaczego coś jest lepsze. Od prostego (dodajcie uchwyt by można było zawiesić smycz) po rozważania o klawiszach zewnętrznych i klawiaturze doczepianej i co?
Na forum nikt nie przyszedł. NIKT!

@PINE64 If you're after trying to build a sort of psion-alike, please take the learning that Planet has already done. The world is a very different place, and what makes better sense now is... well, something like their Astro, just with Pine internals :)

@PINE64 With Pine being so (rightly and admirably!) keen on not making landfill-filler, it seems like looking at making the pinephone able to fill that niche with a snap-on back would me more... Piney :)

@PINE64 I have no idea what I should use that for as I already have the PinePhone and that new device is basically the same minus some important features.

@PINE64 I like the idea. 👍 I’d likely pick one up as long as you keep your paypal-free payment options.

I really like the idea of smaller phones. I’d like to see the GPS stay and maybe one camera on the back.

It's probably not practical given the targeted smaller size, but if you worked in a physical keyboard, I’d probably buy a few. Seriously. Come on, you can do it… 😃

"some sort of physical … that you think would fit this type of device well"

The Nokia n900 had a small screen (by today's standards) and a physical keyboard. I think it is well-loved in this market.

ya, ya, I …'d out the troubling part of the quote. But I want such a thing and Pine64 is one of the few companies that might try.

@leinir makes an interesting point fosstodon.org/@PINE64/10501126 I have one of the Planet devices. They're big. I'd still buy this. See also the OG Motorolla Droid?

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