At last, our Pine Store is back, and better than ever before!

More info here:

@PINE64 Looks nice! Just want to warn you guys that the page has mixed content, so some images are using http not https

@Sylphox We're aware: it's a bug which has recurred through multiple attempts to fix... working on it! 😅

@PINE64 @Sylphox Now get some newer mainboards for the pinephone up there :blobthumbsup:

@PINE64 stop! I can't be making impulse purchases with all these uni bills

@PINE64 I thought it was because I'm in Australia and you just really, really liked maintenance!

@PINE64 Take a look at the attached screengrab. My cart is empty, I promise.

@PINE64 Hi, there is some issue using it on a "small" screen (under 14").
The top half (with the menu and the blank space) remains in the viewport when scrolling, and only the bottom half scrolls

@val @PINE64 the landing page also issues with the browser being full-screen on 24" PC monitors - everything looks extra "wiiiiiiiide" with only a few items per page scroll - making it difficult to navigate and find items.

Based on the wideness and thin fonts I'm guessing it expects a 4k display? I've got 1920x1200 native.

@polychrome @PINE64 yeah it looks like it was only tested on very-large screens and phones, not medium ones.

My issue got fixed though (thanks!)

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