Not really the sort of news we wanted to give today, but it's important nonetheless:


This is good news!

Bad news would have been you guys saying "Ohhh we didn't know we got hacked months ago and after further investigation we have found that everyone and their mom needs to reinvent themselves"

@PINE64 Ehh, any big company like this would have had a huge chunk of user data.

@PINE64 Thank you for being open and transparent right up front instead of trying to hide it along as possible like other companies. Though it sucks that it happened, it makes me happy to have bought a laptop from a company with integrity. And Linux. :)

@PINE64 "This would not damage your trust. It is Word Press, we trust less" -- a comment

big same from me

Thank you for being so forthcoming and transperent! This helps me trust you more. (more than other companies which will remain unnamed)

Thanks for sharing!
While you are that kind of open and transparent I will even trust you more👍🏻

@PINE64 No need to worry.As long as no user data got into the hands of hackers,nothing really bad happens and there's no need to lose trust in you.It's great what you're doing and that you're very transparent about everything that happens.

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