We are upgrading the cluster to make it more reliable and easier to maintain remotely.

Scheduled downtime 12 Sept. at 11 AM CET (5/6AM CDT/EDT).

Services will be offline no longer than 5hrs.

Pine Store will remain operational.


When can we expect a official rackmount case for pine64 / rock pro?


There's no plans at the moment for that. The potential market for such a case is way too small to justify the effort and expense of putting it into production.

I understand!
Atleast you already have one future buyer for it ;)

@PINE64 Have you posted anywhere about your pine64 cluster? I looked through the blog but didn't see anything.

Seems like would make for pretty interesting read

@PINE64 Nvidia buy ARM. What happened with Pine devices?

Produkcje macie w Chinach. Czy możecie przenieść część produkcji do Polski lub do USA?


Nvidia buying ARM is unlikely to change anything for us.

@PINE64 @pronto
Is there any plan to make RISC-V versions ? There are probably still not RISC-V Soc for mobile phone market technologies ? As far I know, there are few rare project of open GPU on different open* RISC architectures but no real implementation. Beside of this, I believe Wifi/GSM/... can be and are often on a separate chip.

And no news about Rockchip new generation chips (RK35xx), that they spoke about in april of 2019. Until this new generation they generally followed announcements calendars. The announcement for the SoC was for the end of 2019 and first products on market at beginning of 2020. Do they are moving to another ISA instead ?
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