New Pine Store (WIP pictures) with more payment options (Stripe) being built. We are, however, struggling with crypto payments (@BTCPayServer), since we haven't received a response from
Bitstamp as of today. We won't use Kraken - their form requires disclosure of private info.

@PINE64 @BTCPayServer it's entirely acceptable to just not accept digital ponzi scheme funny money

@sir For projects like Sci-Hub there often aren't a lot of other options.


@PINE64 @BTCPayServer Thank you for providing something other than paypal, your efforts are appreciated. Looking forward to finally getting my hands on your products. Keep in mind that stripe's fraud detection can be over zealous at times and prevent prepaid gift cards from being used.

@PINE64 And alternative to paypal would be greatly appreciated!!!

@PINE64 Thank you very much for adding more payment methods.Bank transfer worked but had very expensive fees and needed much luck to arrive.I don't want to do that every time I order something.Stripe is a much better choice which I'll use for future orders 👍

But what about more pine phones? I'm sad to say, I missed the order period.

@Jens Finkhäuser ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ there is manjaro edition coming up. I missed the postmarket one (was deciding too lonf) but will preorder the upcoming one for sure.

@PINE64 @BTCPayServer Glad to see cryptocurrency being considered as a payment option. Keep up the good work!

@PINE64 @BTCPayServer To już zaczyna byc lekko irytujące. Rozumiem opóźnienia , ale kompletny brak informacji o polskim sklepie 'nerwuje'

Thanks @PINE64, I'll wait for the new store with stripe payment 😉

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