We’re pleased to announce that the next Community Edition will feature @ManjaroARM

Variants available:

* Regular CE - 2GB RAM/ 16GB eMMC

* Convergence Package - 3GB RAM/ 32GB eMMC bundled with a USB-C dock.

Pre-orders open mid September.

@PINE64 oops, I just got the news that the postmarketOS Edition is gone! Will there be a future Pinephone release with a convergent edition?

@xerz @PINE64 The Manjaro edition will also have a convergence version, it's the "convergence package" (just the same phone with more RAM and a USB-C dock included)

@vurpo @PINE64 I… apparently don't know how to read lol :blobcatderpy:

also the "out of stock" tag and limit has been removed…?

@xerz @PINE64 They said somewhere a few hours ago that a small number of pmOS community editions will be released for sale today, which will ship immediately

@PINE64 are you lanning arch edition? Or sell covers seperatly? (Would love that postmarketos one)

Can I somehow turn my regular Ubports edition into convergence?

@Azt3c @ManjaroARM The RAM and eMMC can't be upgraded, but the dock will likely be available on its own later (or you could find a similar one elsewhere -- likely should work!)

@PINE64 @ManjaroARM really hope this ships with KDE as their are already Linux phones running Lomiri and Phosh available from Pine 64.

@PINE64 @ManjaroARM Fantastic news! :) Congrats to Manjaro. Will definitely get a convergence package! 😄

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