Happy 25th birthday to Windows 95!

It's not Linux or FOSS of any kind, but its design metaphors heavily influenced nearly every desktop interface to come after.

It (or one of its later W9x descendants) were also the first OS for a large number of people, including the person writing this toot 😊.

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...and yes, I just had to redraft this toot. Thanks to people who very quickly pointed out that 2020 - 1995 does not equal 15. πŸ™ƒ

@PINE64 @PINE64 takes courage to see that a lot of good people do a lot of good work in shit organizations like microsoft or google - Win 7 still on 1/4 of all machines world-wide (just don't monetize it, and should be ok)

@PINE64 in my mind, 1995 is still just 5 years ago, to be fair. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

My brain is stuck in the year 2000.

@PINE64 Win95 was my first OS.

...I bet you could even get it running on a pine board with some vm trickery ;)

@requiem @PINE64 I've got a pinebook pro coming in the next batch. I'll see how qemu performs and report back c:

@ari @requiem

I've done it before! It works pretty well, actually... πŸ˜‰

@requiem @ari It's not on the current OS install on my PBP, but it's pretty straightforward for anyone who wants to do it.

Set up QEMU for a i486 or P1, give it a few hundred megs of RAM, a small HDD image, and virtual CD and floppy drives. From there, it's like installing on a real machine.

@PINE64 I still fondly remember hex-editing the Windows 95 Start menu button to read "Keith" instead! In retrospect, that Windows 98 added protections that prevented me from doing that helped set me down the path towards Free Software :)

@PINE64 95/98 was the first OS for me, as well.

makes me pine* for the days of using i3 again


* pun not intended

@PINE64 as former OS/2 user, win 95 was just a lame duck

@Calypso1 @PINE64 I started with MS DOS 3.3, later Windows starting from 3.0 (3.11 was the first decent version), then OS/2 (3 and 4) before downgrading to Win95. Printing especially was much better on OS/2

I think I switched to Linux right after 98 came out!

While the #Windows UX is definitely influential (hello KDE) I remember initially going for the #NeXTSTEP look with AfterStep and WindowMaker. I still find it more elegant than both Win and modern #macOS

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