An Invitation to Play Along:

We're currently developing a N900-style keyboard attachment for the . Do you think you can do better? Prove it. If you're right, your design may make it to production! 😎

@PINE64 I didn't read the whole thing, need to do stuff.

Would like a 2D thing be fine? I wouldn't really want to design an entire model for something like this when it might not be picked.

@gudenau At least at first, it's probably fine. Preference would obviously go to designs that are already fleshed out more, though.

@PINE64 n900?



Y'all don't fuck about and I <3 it!

as a former n810 🤓


@PINE64 A physical keyboard would be a great addition for the PinePhone,especially for people like me who love working with the Terminal.I think I'll buy the keyboard as soon as it becomes available if everything works fine with the PinePhone I just ordered.

Could you possible make said keyboard usable as an extra battery when attached to the pine phone? An extra removable and replaceable battery source would be a good addition.

@ca0547 @PINE64 Also having a SD card extension in the keyboard, so you don't have to take off the keyboard to swap out SD cards. (which would reduce wear)

@PINE64 Holy crap! this is exactly what I have been missing for years. I am ordering pinephone right away to support you people (or if not on stock , the moment it is). Will buy the keyboard the moment it's out!

You folks never cease to amaze me!
I want it sooo much!

It is way too easy to spend money. Every other week now there is some new awesome product of yours I want to buy. I'm trying to excersize self control to hold off buying stuff. I'm trying to wait so I'll have a bunch of "Pine"s under my pine tree for Christmas or at least on order at that time. But I'm having a blast learning how to use the RockPro64.

@muppeth I've run into you quite frequently online. Diaspora, disroot, hubzilla, pine64... the list keeps growing.
@DanE What can I say, the fedi / extemist floss world is pretty tiny :)

@PINE64 about to click the payment method, but someone said that sheeping fees are high to europe, is that still true? On your website it says 19:99 but not sure if customs will be added on top of it or you managed to get the shipping done form within europe so no customs
@PINE64 You make me eagerly waiting for my current phone to fail (as a principle, I don't retire working HW)

@PINE64 If you haven't yet, talk to Dirk and the gang who made the TOHKBD for the Jolla-Phone. Lots of valuable knowledge was gathered there.

@Thomas B. Rücker @PINE64 oh yes yes yes... his keyboard was awesome! You should def. Reachout to him. Perhpas he could even design it. He was very into additional other halfs for jolla and tried some for fairphone. Perhaps he would like jumping on a gig for pine? thats dirks twitter account.
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