Much of the internet may be experiencing down, but we're not!

If you missed it, as of a few hours ago our store is back online after a day-long maintenance:

Just wondering, how many visitors have to visit to take down your server? Is this the server hosted on RockPro64s?

@herag The store is the only part of our infrastructure that is not on the cluster (yet?). It is on AWS, and at the time of the crash was a t2.medium instance.

I do not have the actual unique visitors number, but concurrent connections from users at its peak was well into the 4 figures.

Daaaang, that's awesome! Well I bought one of the postmarketOS phones. Been waiting on this for a long time. Thank you guys for being friggin' awesome!

Also, how cool would it be to run your sites from your own hardware? That would just be one of the coolest things ever! 😃😃

Oh dang... mad respect my dudes and dudettes! That is sweet! I guess I don't remember everything I read, though I'm sure that was in your blog post about the clusters. 😃

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